The Care Home Profitability Summit 2017

The Care Home Profitability Summit 2017

The Care Home Coach team understand that the best quality of care and service is only possible if you have a profitable business.

We also understand that some of the biggest challenges to sustaining profitability of your business are staffing costs, recruitment and retention.

That’s why we have created this transformational event, especially for owner managers of single care homes and small groups.

Our Mission

The team at The Care Home Coach have a very clear mission; to transform the lives of residents, care teams and business owners by helping the owners of owner managed care homes to raise the standard of the care home industry.

We do this to ensure that residents experience an exceptional quality of care, that care teams are able to work in the best possible environment for them to be successful in their job and help drive positive commercial and personal outcomes for the business owner.

We do this by helping the care home owner to build management systems into their care home that improve care quality, sustain profitability and optimise business performance.

The Speakers

In early 2016 Simon began the search to buy his first care home. Having reviewed more than 100 care homes he quickly realised that almost all of the care home’s profits were shrinking and how this was impacting the quality of care being delivered, the well-being of the owner and their team. Realising the magnitude of the crisis he established The Care Home Coach to support independent care home owners to take back control of their business.

Simon Parker

Founder and CEO –
The Care Home Coach

A care home quality and profitability expert, Rob previously turned one of Four Seasons most challenging regions into one of its most successful in less than two years. He now runs Eastern Care Management Solutions where he supports independent care homes to overcome commercial and compliance hurdles. Having been a foster child himself, doing the right thing and looking after people properly is at the core of everything Rob stands for.

Rob Hammond

Chief Care Home Coach –
The Care Home Coach

Oliver is most well-known for his role as UK Director of Care Homes for BUPA. In this role he was responsible for managing all of BUPAs 350 care homes, where he was in charge of care quality, operations and profitability. Oliver now advises a number of independent and corporate elder care businesses.

Oliver Thomas

Care Quality and Profitability Advisor –
The Care Home Coach

Well recognised as thought leader in the commercial world, Andy is the Chairman of Shirlaws, who provide training and coaching services to businesses looking to grow, fund, or exit their business. Andy has personally been responsible for divisional and overall P&L responsibility for a number of independent and corporate businesses.

Andy Hurst

Chairman – Shirlaws, UK

Our Belief

We believe that the owner managers of care homes do one of the most important, yet toughest jobs on the planet. We also believe that having dedicated their lives to looking after our elderly loved ones, that they deserve support too.

That’s why we’re committed to offering the support that care home owners need to provide excellent facilities, deliver impeccable care, to remain profitable (despite downward pressure on the market) and to take control of their future.

The Problem

It’s no secret that running a profitable care home is becoming increasingly difficult.

Although it is important for the beneficiaries, legislation such as the imminent increase in the National Living Wage will only create additional pressure on the profitability of your care home. Protecting your margins is only going to become more important in the future.

It’s hard enough recruiting and retaining the quality of staff that you trust to look after your residents. Not to mention the amount of time and money it can take. It’s not hard to see why care home owners often see this as one of their biggest challenges.

We often find that this leaves owners feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. Some have even completely fallen out of love with their business.

The Solution

It’s so important to ‘get it right’.

Getting your staffing costs, recruitment and retention wrong can sink an otherwise solid business because it can have such a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Joining us for the event will equip you with the tools that you need to build systems into your business which will allow you to confidently manage your staffing costs, recruit exceptional team members (in ways that limit, or completely stop the need for agency use) and retain top talent.

Our goal is to help you take control of this part of your business so you so you feel empowered and confident about tackling the challenges that staffing, recruitment and retention can bring.


What we’re going to cover on the day

The Summit will be a day-long, interactive, workshop style event that has been designed by industry experts to help the owner managers of care homes to address the challenges brought about by Brexit and the National Living Wage.

On the day we will be sharing tried and tested strategies that address care quality, profitability and business performance challenges specifically relevant to staffing costs, recruitment and retention.

The event has been designed to be a constructive learning environment where you will be able to engage with other like-minded owner managers who are experiencing the same challenges and share similar values.

You will leave the event with the tools you need to help the address that Brexit and the National Living Wage will bring about and have the backing and support of a new community of people who are invested in your success.

Staffing costs

When staffing costs account for such a significant amount of your revenue, you have to make every penny count. Every hour that every staff member works should be having positive outcomes for your resident, and no time should be wasted. We can help you optimise your staffing to help ensure you can achieve the best bottom line figure.

Recruiting the right team

Having a proactive approach to being oversubscribed for the right kind of talent is essential. In doing so you are ensuring that you have access to the best team possible, with the right skills and who share your values. Recruitment will always be challenging, but with a positive employer brand backed up with a well-defined recruitment strategy, attracting new team members doesn’t need to take up huge amounts of time and money.

Retaining top talent

A solid team will always be the backbone of any care home. It is essential to create an environment where good practice is recognised, shared and rewarded. Team members must also have clearly defined roles and be given opportunities for training and development. This will ensure that you’re confidently able to delegate tasks into your team and that they are meeting the needs of you residents.

This event is for you if…

  • You set up your business to deliver the highest possible quality of care, but the downward pressure on the market is limiting your ability to do so.
  • You want to change but you struggle to puts plans into place because so many other challenges bog you down.
  • You’re unable to attract the quality of team that will enable you to deliver a high standard of care in your home.
  • You want to of reduce your staffing costs, but you’re worried about how to do so without affecting the quality of care.
  • You are personally working harder, but the profitability of your care home has decreased in recent years.
  • You want to build a sustainably profitable business, so that you can achieve an optimum price, should you wish to sell it in the future.
  • You would like to work with a group of like-minded individuals, who are experiencing the same challenges as yourself.
  • You feel trapped by the business that you used to love and need to take back control of your future.

What to expect

  • A full agenda, packed with tried-and-tested strategies that you can begin using immediately.
  • An interactive, workshop style event, where we will focus on solving your problems.
  • No waffle. We know it’s hard enough for you to get a day away from your care home so we’ve designed the event to make every minute count.
  • A room full of people who share your ideals and want you to succeed.
  • The help and support of our whole team.
  • To leave feeling fired up about the future and ready to start making positive changes.

Book your tickets now and receive these FREE gifts 
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Services and Supplier Audit

This audit includes a review of your services and suppliers, plus also management of the transition to the new more cost effective providers. This audit usually costs £500 and is guaranteed to save you £3,000. We can arrange your audit as soon as you have bought your ticket.

On-site Strategy Session

After the Summit we’re offering to come to your care home and provide a two-hour strategy session. Our intention is to help you embed the strategies you’ve learned into your business so you can get the most value out of the day. We would usually charge £500 for this service.

Highlights Video Report

To make sure you don’t miss a thing we’re going to record the event and provide a video and report covering the highlights of the Summit. This will help keep you on track and provide you with reference points so you can achieve your goals. 
*Terms and Conditions Apply*

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The Care Home Coach team are committed to helping to raise the standard of the care home sector, by supporting those who have dedicated their lives to caring for our elderly loved ones.

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